One Body. One Mission.

Banner 2018 One Body MissioOver the past eight years, the elders have called the Westside body to focus on certain important church values. Each year they have identified specific themes that have focused on areas where we want to grow spiritually as a church.

Our 2018 church theme is "One Body. One Mission." The theme Scripture verse is from Philippians 1:27, “Standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel.”

The elders explained the biblical basis for the "One Body. One Mission." theme on January 7 in Part 2 of this year's Heart of the Elders.

 "One Body " emphasizes the spiritual unity that believers have in Christ while "One Mission" underscores the fact that our church exists to spread the Gospel to as many people as possible - both locally and globally.

The idea is for the whole church to live together in unity as one body and serve together to make the Gospel known to the world.

Picture the defensive line of a football team making a goal line stand to keep the other team from running the ball into the end zone or offensive linemen pushing forward across the goal line so the running back or quarterback can score. Each player gives his all in unity with the rest of the team for a common purpose.

God has purposefully put Christians together in local church fellowships so they can help one another. This is why Westside provides wonderful opportunities for small group fellowship such as Life Groups, women's Lifeline, men's breakfasts, and youth groups.

However, we're not called to just huddle together in some safe place. We're called to unite together to courageously step out and share the Gospel.

The elders are calling the entire church to grow in both unity and outreach in 2018. Let's pray and work together so that both our love for one another and our love for the Gospel and the lost will grow.